Berets And Baguettes Are Beckoning…

Leaving for Paris tomorrow…

Upon my return from this week-long trip, I shall  resume my tireless efforts to dissect, make fun of, bitch about and otherwise introduce  the cast of The Amazing Race Season 22 from my slightly twisted perspective.

Au revoir, soyez-sage!

Berets and baguettes are beckoning!

Beret and baguette



Meet The Cast: TEAM “DOUBLE TROUBLE-DOUBLE FUN” (Pamela and Winnie)



Meet our next team of the Season 22 cast of The Amazing Race – Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung. They are best friends from Los Angeles, CA.


TAR 22 Team Badass

So, Pamela and Winnie…You know what scares these girls the most about travel? – it’s bathrooms in the foreign lands! I mean – really?! – there are foreign prisons, train wrecks, terrorist attacks, earthquakes – and the scariest thing is bathrooms?! Or are they just super high maintenance girls that plan to spend a lot of time in bathrooms?

I raised my eyebrows (can’t do just one eyebrow like Phil Keoghan) once at this “bathrooms” fear, but I chuckled more than a few times while reading their bio and watching their video interview. You can tell that these girls would be snappy, bitchy and loud. They would also be crazy and fun (or crazy fun, if you prefer!).

I have high hopes for Winnie in particular since she compares herself to Chelsea Handler.  So – you better make me laugh a lot, girl!!!

It’s one of my favourite teams so far. They seem to have boundless energy and zest for life like previous contestants Mallory Ervin (TAR 17 and TAR 18) and Brook Roberts (TAR 17), yet they don’t seem as annoying as those two were.

My early prediction is that Pamela and Winnie would go relatively far. And I hope its true – mostly for my own sake, not theirs: because I count a lot on them being my source of fun, laughter and entertainment. What can I say – I am selfish!

Good luck! The world is waiting for you!


You can watch their interview video here: