So, let’s talk about me, myself and moi…I am one of those whom Sir Winston Churchill called “a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma.” With sprinkles of suspense on top, I must add.

What else am I? FunFabulousFantasticFierce. And modest, too.  But does “m” in “modest” really belong with all those “F”s?  🙂

Of all the multiple interests of my multi-faceted personality, this blog reflects just one – my interest in The Amazing Race. Not generally being a fan of  reality shows, I make a huge exception for this one.

And now I am undertaking the endeavor to write this blog about The Amazing Race to prolong the joy this show gives me every time I watch it, to stretch the episodes beyond the allotted 45 minutes, to let my heart beat faster for a little bit longer.

I do not promise to necessarily be nice and kind to the contestants – frankly, many of them do not even deserve their luck. But Fate is blind, what can I say.

I am the 1%. Not that 1%, alas. But I believe that if I were on The Amazing Race, I would be more fun, more memorable, more controversial even – in other words, more entertaining – than 99% of contestants. See, I told you I was modest! (If I were not, I would place myself in the top 0.0001%).

You would love me or hate me, but with me you would never remain indifferent.

But enough about me, let’s turn our attention to the show. Let the magic carpet of The Amazing Race transport us to wondrous lands, delightful discoveries and exciting adventures.

Shall we go for a ride?


One thought on “About

  1. Hi, great blog. I’m a fellow Afghanimals liker and I made an (amateur) compilation video of the Afghanimals and their TAR experiences, (part I). Also some overall highlights of the group.

    Keep the good work up

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