I am glad I am travelling at the moment so I can use my busy schedule as an excuse for not writing a proper recap of this episode. I say “I am glad” because to me –  it was a pretty bland episode. If it were not for the elephants (much bigger stars than our so-called “All Stars”) and a mildly amusing moment where Rachel misinterpreted the Roadblock clue and filled the wrong tuk-tuks with gas, there wouldn’t be anything to write home about, much less write a recap about.

Always the stars - on TAR or not

Yes, the locations are green and lush (of which we are being informed by so staged and so predictably unexciting comments of the contesters – as if we cannot see it for ourselves!); but the locations alone cannot make a successful season. There are lots of equalizers, we are shown train and taxi rides for almost a third of the episode, even the foot race to the Pit Stop is not a nail biting event despite being a close one. And on top of all that it happened to be a non-elimination leg. The over-botoxed blondes, whom most viewers still can’t tell apart, will face a Speed Bump in the next episode. At the Pit Stop they were blabbing something incoherent “like, we are so like sort of like happy kind of…” and so I just had to press the “OFF” button…

After all, the elephants were in the picture no longer, and they were the only real all-stars on this show…

Well, since the episode was of very little entertainment value, I kept wondering – why? Why indeed? The locations are beautiful…the challenges are alright, too…TAR production people are quite experienced and had some great seasons that many of us like to re-watch…I am firmly convinced it’s the cast…so, please allow me some entertainment of my own – a couple of polls…


1. Which team on this Oy-Vey…err…I mean All-Stars season you find the most boring?


2. Seriously, guys – how many of you can tell those botoxed blondes apart? It’s their second season and they are called “All Stars”, but everyone I am asking can not tell one from another. (For the record – I do not know for a fact whether they are botoxed or not, but what else can explain their look-alike frozen foreheads?!)



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5 thoughts on “THE ONLY ALL-STARS WERE THE ELEPHANTS (Episode 6 TAR 24 “All-Stars”)

  1. I just can’t help but comment on my own polls 🙂

    There are 20 votes at this time on the blonde girls, and it is sort of predictable – majority still can not tell them apart or do this just barely.

    The “who is the most boring team?” has 30 votes thus far. The majority of the votes for “the most boring” are split evenly (9 votes each) between two teams: team “Oy Vey” (John and Jessica) and team “Sob Story” (David and Connor). I myself was torn – I find them equally boring, but eventually I gave my vote of “the most boring” to John and Jessica (to be young, fit, not bad looking, athletic and oh soooo boring is inexcusable!)

    I am not surprised to see that the blondes got 6 of “the most boring” votes. Nothing terribly exciting about blondes even though some might find them pleasant and good looking.

    Team “Brenchel” got 5 votes, and I find it mildly surprising. I know some fans of the show find them annoying, but “annoying” is not the same as “boring”. “Annoying” at least evokes some feeling whereas “boring” evokes none. Yet in a way, I am not surprised. I don’t know if it’s due to a certain edit or maybe team “Brenchel” has changed, but they are almost too goody-goody and virtuous now. I personally liked them more when they were more villainous and when they had shouting matches instead of talking cooingly about wanting babies.

    The three teams that did not receive any “boring” votes are the Afghanimals, the Globetrotters and the Cowboys. And I guess compared with the others, that might be the case. The Afghanimals are perpetually joyful and a little mischievous. But for them to really shine, they need some kind of an “enabler” team – like Travis and Nicole during their season. As for the other two teams – I was fine with the Cowboys and really liked the Globetrotters during their past seasons, but now they are just there. Nothing much fun about them. The cowboy hats are getting old and the “oh my gravy!” is getting stale. As for the Globetrotters – it’s as if it is a completely different team from what they were in their first season – mute and joyless.

    The bottom line is the cast is very, v-e-r-y, V-E-R-Y disappointing this season :(((

  2. I commented before that I dont like the Brenchel team. never did, never will. but I dont agree with your poll responders that selected them as the most boring pair ahead of those blond oyveys or father/son.

  3. I agree with you, LLCool – team “Brenchel” might be annoying to some, but they do not elicit a yawn.

    People who don’t like this team want to express their dislike without realizing that “annoying” or “unpleasant” is not the same as “boring”. I would take “annoying” or “unpleasant” anytime. Anything but boring. Boring kills the joy, kills the fun, and makes the fans abandon their favorite shows. So anything but boring.

    What many fans do not realize is that (figuratively speaking) they can’t have their cake and eat it, too: many teams that would be perfectly nice people in real life make very boring contestants. It’s the seemingly “evil” ones that make shows fun. Either you like “nice” (which more often than not turn to be boring) or you like “entertaining” (which more often than not come across as villains on the show). What can I say. C’est la vie (or rather: c’est le “reality TV” 🙂

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