Our teams – whatever is left of them – are now making their way from Gdansk, Poland to Vienna, Austria. They all end up on the same train (how exciting!) so that evens them out. However, one team – Travis and Nicole –  still has an advantage because they are the only team now with the Express Pass. It still baffles me that Tim and Marie, who had a perfect opportunity to U-Turn Travis and Nicole and get them use the Express Pass as a result, did not do so. I also can’t understand why Tim and Marie don’t tell other teams that the Express Pass is in doctors’ possession – this way they could put a target on the doctors’ back. Why not do it, especially now when their own Express Pass is gone?!  Oh well…

In this episode we encounter the first Fast Forward of the season, but it is not used. Two teams attempt it – Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole, but none of them succeeds. During the taxi ride to the Fast Forward, indecisive Nicole (an ER doctor!) suddenly wants to turn back and do the Detour instead. Amy and Jason make it to the Fast Forward (bungee jumping), but the weather is too windy to complete it, so they eventually return to do the Detour as well.

The Detour was a choice between “Light Brigade” (to assemble a chandelier) and “Masquerade” (to find the matching masks on one of many dancing couples). Nobody chooses chandeliers, and it seems that all the teams finish masquerade relatively quickly.

Detour (TAR 23, Episode 6)

For the Roadblock one member of each team had to sing with Vienna Boys’ Choir. They had some time to practice with coaches until they are able to carry a tune and pronounce the words in German in a more or less acceptable way. I am convinced this whole Roadblock  was designed for the amusement of the choir boys. The Vienna Boys’ Choir is probably the best boys’ choir in the world, so – I am sure the boys deserved some entertainment! It was just too funny to watch these singing attempts and the boys’ amused faces. And it was almost predetermined – those with better pitch and singing abilities finished much sooner.

That’s why it was absolutely no surprise that Travis – who apparently is not only a physician but also a musician (he tells us he plays several musical instruments) – finished the Roadblock first. The order in which teams finished the Roadblock was pretty much the order they arrived to the Pit Stop. Even little mishaps – like Marie stealing Jason and Amy’s cab – did not change the placement. Tim and Danny (poor guys! – dancing last episode, singing this episode!) were the last to arrive, and they were eliminated from the Race.

Roadblock (TAR 23, Episode 6)

It was not a very surprising placement: with all the teams arriving to Vienna on the same train and with a quick, relatively easy Detour, the placement was largely determined by who finished the Roadblock first.  And that, in turn, was mostly determined by the participant’s musical abilities.

I am curious to see what kind of feud will transpire between Jason/Amy and Tim/Marie. On one hand – Marie did blatantly steal their cab. On the other hand, Jason and Amy’s backpacks were already out of the cab when Marie got to it. Besides, this did not affect the placement of the teams after the Roadblock. So – you would kind of expect Jason and Amy to shrug it off, but they were pretty much declaring a war.

I personally do not have a problem with what Marie did. If “all is fair in love and war” – why should it be different on The Amazing Race? If you believe in karma – don’t steal cabs, don’t use U-Turns, don’t lie, maybe don’t even breathe. If you don’t believe in karma – go ahead, entertain us! The Race is not one big “let’s live happily ever after” camp. The same viewers who want to see “nice” teams on the Race complain that the show gets “boring“. You can’t have it both ways. So anyway – I  am looking forward to watching the feud unfold! 🙂

Till the next episode, everybody!

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2 thoughts on “ACQUIRE A TASTE FOR A CHOIR! (Episode 6 TAR 23)

  1. I stumbled on your blog because my dvr did not record the whole episode since 60 minutes was broadcasted well into the hour allotted to the Amazing Race, but I read a little bit on your blog and it looks like you dislike Nicole and Travis for the sake of disliking them…..jealous much.?,?, I mean, more than Nicole’s skills as a physician, this show is about her relationship with Travis, who says an ER doctor has to be super woman…she is allowed to be a vulnerable, ditsy, and weak sometimes without being any less smart or competent….its like you are rooting against them just because.. Meanwhile back at the ranch, you are giving free passes to the witches and the dummies… Oh well! I guess those who can’t be…hate!

    • @Renee – “hate” is such a strong word! It’s just a reality show, chill! 🙂
      it’s true that I don’t care much for Nicole, but what does “jealous much?” have to do with it? Jealous of what?!! In my humble opinion, the show – above all – is about entertaining the viewer. And I am not being entertained by Nicole, that’s all.
      As for “she is allowed to be vulnerable, ditsy and weak” – sure; but it is laughable when “vulnerable, ditsy and weak” is followed by self-proclamations of how tough,competent and strong she is.
      I do not dislike Travis – he is actually alright.
      And really – it’s not that I terribly dislike them as a team, it’s just that I don’t find them fun and entertaining enough.That’s all, no less and no more.

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