Well, before the sixth episode of TAR 23 airs tonight, I can’t  help but make a comment on one puzzling  observation. Since I did not recap the previous episode due to being on the road much of the week, I felt like posting at least a quick poll:WHICH OF THESE TEAMS YOU WANT TO WIN TAR-23?

I know it’s “unscientific”, I know the number of participants was not huge enough to support a trend, BUT! still – would you believe it? – as of today more than 40% (!) of respondents want to see Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) win the Race!  At first I couldn’t believe my eyes – seriously?!! No way!

Leo and Jamal (the "Afghanimals")

But then I thought about it…Who else do we have left?

Jason and Amy? – Young, cute, nice and…well, that’s about it. Nothing too memorable or fun about them. Actually I kept thinking that the color of their t-shirts  is more noticeable and vivid than their personalities.  (Bright blue, in case you haven’t even noticed that).

Tim and Danny? Also young, cute, nice…with something more going for these guys: they are huge fans of TAR, they have an appealing and disarming “aw-shucks” air about them…deserving? – maybe.  memorable? – hardly.

Ally and Ashley? They, too, are young, cute and nice…But even if you can finally tell these two apart, what exactly sets them apart from all the other numerous look-alike-less-than-bright blondes from all the previous seasons? They just occupy some space, and I can’t help but think they are occupying someone else’s space – some team’s that could have been fun to watch if they had made it to the Race instead of these clones.

Tim and Marie? You might dig an evil streak in TAR contestants (I certainly do!), and at first I thought Marie was just that (Tim has been pretty much a silent ghost). But turned out she is more loud than evil. Sorry, Rowan – “la diabla” she is not.  Neither is she a bright strategist; otherwise, having used her own Express Pass, she would have had some sense to U-turn Travis and Nicole –  to try taking their Express Pass out of the game. She passed that opportunity with the Pass (yes, both pun and scorn are intended!).

Nicky and Kim? These ladies sometimes seem nice to the point of almost nauseating (“bunny!” “hunny!” – pleeease!).  They almost sparked my hope once when they managed to put themselves on a standby list ahead of others. But that hope was being consistently killed with that  never-ending ridiculous whining “ this is THE  h-a-r-d-e-s-t  thing I’ve ever done in my life!!!”  Once again – pleeease! What else is there about them? Some would say they are pretty. But I have very high standards when it comes to beauty. So I don’t find them especially pretty. I do, however, find them pretty boring. By the way – not a single person in my poll (at least as of right now) voted for them to win TAR 23.

Travis and Nicole? This, by the way, is the only other team besides “hunny-bunnies” that got zero votes in my poll to date. I guess he is likable enough. But she is quite pathetic: on one hand, she comes across as sooo full of herself:  “I am a doctor!”, “I am tough – I am from Brooklyn!” But her actions are the opposite of her words: she frazzles easily and always crumbles under the slightest pressure: “Help me!!! help me!!!” I wouldn’t even comment on how it reflects on her as an ER physician, but in the Race it is quite unlikable.

So that leaves us with Leo and Jamal – the “Afghanimals.” What can we say about them? Loud, obnoxious manners. Far (far!) from refined sense of humor.  But they toned down their ululating in the recent episodes. And when they fight – they fight with passion. And when they are happy – they are joyful and vivacious. Silly, at times annoying, but entertaining. Like them or not – hard to deny that they are colorful characters. Memorable. The most memorable from this bunch. You can yawn over any of the above teams, but – like them or not – the Afghanimals are not “yawn-inducing”.

So – somewhat reluctantly, I have to agree – maybe the Afghanimals is the most deserving team to win this Race. To me – the most deserving is not the team that is the nicest or needs the money the most – to me it’s the team that entertained me the most. Or you. Us, the viewers.

I do, however, reserve the right to change my mind about the Afghanimals in the future – after all, there are still quite a few episodes ahead 🙂

I hope those who voted for them in my latest poll would comment with their reasons for choosing this team (or any other team). I am very curious, so – please do comment!

And here you can find the most up-to-date links on all things The Amazing Race:


3 thoughts on “MUSINGS ON THE EVE OF EPISODE 6 (TAR 23)…

  1. I like the Afganimals and agree the blondes are useless. the only blondes from the past that I remember were Dustin and Candice, they were okay.

    • @Lost Artist – you only remember Dustin and Kandice because they have been on The Amazing Race TWICE IN A ROW (season 10 and 11), so they were being drilled into our memories! 🙂
      Seriously though – I think Dustin and Kandice were fine, but can we even remotely compare our current clones to them?

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