There are two types of news we get from this episode – good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news: unfortunately,  this was one of those teasing and disappointing “To Be Continued”  So – we would not know until the next episode which team will be eliminated. The news can go from bad to worse if nobody at all  is eliminated next time (give us some blood after that teasing!).

The good news actually is a collection of good but small moments rather than one big good news. The teams travel to Norway, to the Arctic Circle. Even though TAR has been to Norway before, I find the location unusual and fascinating. So – definitely good news.

I am a huge fan of mentally challenging tasks on The Amazing Race (they are just more fun to watch), but even though the Detour in this episode was physical rather than mental – I really-really enjoyed it.  So – good news once again.

Detour Episode 4 TAR 23

This Detour was a choice between “Hang your heads” and “Hammer of  the Cods“. In the former you had to string huge, heavy raw fish heads and then deliver and hang them at a designated place. In the “CodsDetour you had to collect a certain number of big heavy dry fish from a designated place and pound them with a hammer to make 1 kilogram of  jerky.

I found it sad rather than funny that none of the teams seem to know what “kilogram” means (or else confuse it with “kilometer”).  I mean – if you are going to travel the world, you should not only know that the whole world uses metric system, but also know (at least approximate) conversion from an archaic American system to metric. And here I am – hoping to see mentally challenging tasks on TAR!

Everybody except team Oklahoma and “baseball bunnies” (they actually call themselves “bunnies”!) choose to string heads. A good news here is seeing Marie crumble under pressure. She cannot get it why all the other teams’ work gets accepted while hers is rejected. And it takes her deliciously long to figure out that she needs to hang the fish heads where there are yellow and red TAR markers.

Another delicious moment here is when she is trying to manipulate our bearded hippies into helping her (by vague promises of the Express Pass), and they actually tell her where she should stick her Express Pass. Having told her that, they fly away – I am sure their beards help them fly!

And fly they do. In fact, they are the first team at the Roadblock where one of them has to jump of the bridge and swim to retrieve the next clue.

The clue tells them to hook up a huge boulder to equally huge Ford vehicle (just like TAR does – I place the sponsor’s name prominently in this blog – after all, who do you think provides prizes and money for the show?). Once the boulder is moved, something will be revealed underneath. This “something” is a bunch of small puzzle pieces to be used at a later time and a separate clue with the location of the Pit Stop written on it.

Here we are treated to another good moment. It has to do with Marie. Like her or not, but you have to agree that most “interesting moments” have Marie involved one way or another. So here Marie grabs the puzzle pieces but forgets the clue with the name of the Pit Stop. Then she (or rather her silent sidekick whatever his name is) proceeds driving aimlessly around.

Detour, Episode 4 TAR 23

Luckily they encounter Nicole and Travis. Or maybe it is luckily for Nicole and Travis, because Nicole has a chance to obtain Marie’s Express Pass – she demands it in exchange for information. Good for you, Nicole! Marie is left in deep thought “to give or not to give?”. And we unfortunately left guessing what would happen next. Because right at this very moment we see “To be continued…” on the screen…

Do you want to know how I wish the future events unfold? In my “ideal TAR” so to speak? Please let me indulge in this fantasy…so – Marie can’t think of anything better to do (like going back to retrieve the clue, for example) but to give Nicole the Express Pass in exchange for the info. Nicole basically tells her the obvious – that she has to go back and collect the forgotten piece of info. Somewhere along this super long leg of the Race there is a U-Turn waiting, and Marie happens to arrive there before the doctors. She U-Turns Nicole and Travis, and they have to use their Express Pass to survive. Meanwhile, Marie gets lost (or encounters a bad taxi driver or whatever), so she, too, has to use her Express Pass to survive. From that point on – it’s the “survival of the fittest”…or the luckiest…fun, no? 🙂

But I digress…Where were we? Oh, our bearded hippies reach the Pit Stop first and win $5000 each. They don’t have much time to celebrate though, because Phil says that they have to keep racing. It is one of those long legs, so off they fly again.

Meanwhile the rear of the group is brought by those who unwisely chose the “Cod Detour – Oklahoma and “hunnies-bunnies” (aka “baseball wives”). Hunnies-bunnies, as per usual, continue their blabber about how it was the hardest thing they had ever done in their life (and I thought the paragliding in the Episode 1 was the hardest, at least according to them!), how they are not quitters, how they would do it for their (very unwieldy named) children…and on, and on, and on…*yawn*…*another yawn*…and yet *another yawn*…I think my jaw is locked now from all the yawning – why can’t they just disappear from the Race?

Well, I guess we’ll have to somehow survive until the next Sunday to learn which teams survive, which team “dies”. But if after the long torturous week of suspense it turns out to be a non-elimination leg – then I guess I’ll have to shoot myself!  One way or another – someone shall die! 🙂

Till next week!

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