Our next team also hails from California. Please meet cousins Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran. I thought I would keep the nickname they gave themselves (and even put on their shirts) – Afghanimals.

Leo and Jamal (TAR 23)

I had no idea what “Afghanimals” meant until they explained: “we like to act like animals, and we are from Afghanistan“.

Well, either I am missing something or else – their sense of humor is lost on me: I always thought that acting like an animal is nothing one can be proud of.

As for being from Afghanistan – as they say in their video – they both are born and raised in the USA.  So – they are of Afghan heritage, but not from Afghanistan!

So far I do not care much for this team. But I know that first impressions can be wrong, and they might turn to be entertaining. We shall see.


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13 thoughts on “Meet The Cast: TEAM “AFGHANIMALS”

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    • I am also not a fan of the name. They are of the Afghan origin, but born and raised in the US, and “animals” in the nickname doesn’t evoke anything warm and fuzzy. So yes, perhaps a catchy moniker, but I am not a fan. However, they were entertaining, and from what some other commenters say – they might be running All Stars (TAR 24), so hopefully we’ll see them again.

  2. How do I contact someone from the show? The Name “Afghanimal” is a word I came up with. I also have it copyrighted. If anyone from the network is reading this please do contact me @

  3. @Radiashun: I doubt your comment on my blog will help you solve this problem – I am just a fan of the Amazing Race and not affiliated in any way with the show or the network.
    The “Afghanimals” was the name they chose for themselves, so the fans call them that, too.

  4. I thought the ‘Afghanimals’ were a hoot, and hope they have some kind of all-star show and invite them back. I think they absolutely would have won if Leo could have just seen where those two dots belonged on the robot.

    And I thought their ‘lies’ were just great jokes, and funny, They looked like they were having a great time, for the most part.

    First time I have ever watched the show, and I know one thing for sure — I could never do it !!!

    [whether a joke are not, Steve’s comment above about terrorists is awful]

  5. I am so glad that most of you (based on all the comments during this season – not just under this entry) are with me and find the “Afghanimals” as fun and entertaining as I thought they were during this season. Remember – I started this season not exactly loving them, but they quickly changed that opinion. Hope to see them again soon!
    P.S. Katy, can’t agree more – I loved their so called “lies”. To me – too perfect, too proper and too nice equals bland and boring. The “Afghanimlas” were fun and refreshing.

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