Our next team is Tim Wiyninger and Danny Merkey – best friends from Oklahoma.

Tim and Danny (TAR 23)

These guys are fresh-faced, enthusiastic, sweet.  And they exude innocence. It has nothing to do with their age, or them being from a small town, or their fear of foreign tongues. It’s just there is something charmingly disarming about them.

And you can tell right away – they applied to the show themselves, they are definitely  not recruited. Which is actually a huge bonus in my eyes.

I can see certain similarities between this team and the unlucky team that got eliminated first in the last season (TAR 22) – the firefighters Daniel and Matthew.

Well, I hope that similarities would not extend to Tim and Danny’s TAR fortune, and that they would go far – it’s hard not to root for innocence! 🙂


And here you can find the most up-to-date links on all things The Amazing Race:


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