Our next team is Rowan Joseph and Shane Partlow – best friends and business partners from North Carolina.

Rowan and Shane (TAR 23)

They are part-time actors as well as producers, and they promise us lots of common sense, fun and universal language of laughter.  Inspiring beginning,  even though I am yet to encounter a professional actor/clown/entertainer on TAR who is truly entertaining. Maybe because professionals try a little too hard, or maybe it’s simply because non-professionals are somehow more entertaining.

Still –  I can’t help but root for this team. They are not your typical young contestants with triathlete bodies. So it is refreshing to see someone like Rowan who appears neither particularly fit nor young. In other words – real.  He could be one of those people you see every day in your office or on the street. Not someone hand picked to make  pretty TV.

Besides, to me personally – enthusiasm, upbeat attitude and zest for life are soooo much more important than youth, golden locks and fitness level. In TAR contestants as well as in life.

So guys – you are promising fun and entertainment, and I am ready for it – bring it on! 🙂

And here you can find the most up-to-date links on all things The Amazing Race:


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