Our next team is Jason Case and Amy Diaz from Massachusetts and Rhode Island respectively.

Jason and Amy (TAR 23)

They are a dating couple that hopes to get married.  They sort of want to but not quite sure. The only way to decide one way or another is (no kidding!) to get on a reality show together! Never mind that their “great times” mostly occur when they are  away from everyday reality (according to Amy anyway). Never mind that everyday reality and reality shows are NOT the same.

Sounds familiar? That’s because TAR production has casted similar couples before – they have a penchant for them. “She” is desperately hoping for a ring, “He” is almost ready but not quite. The Race will be the deciding factor – it will either make or break the relationship (according to Jason anyway).

For TAR casting such a couple is a win-win situation – either there will be a proposal (sometimes even during the Race – remember Chad and Stephanie on TAR 17?) or there will be lots of fighting and otherwise “falling out” of the relationship. Either situation translates into drama, and drama = ratings. Win-win.

But for Jason’s and Amy’s sake – I hope the real reason they applied for the Race is to have fun and a shot at that million dollars, not to test their relationship. Because if your relationship needs that kind of test…Oh well…

I couldn’t help but notice Jason’s t-shirt with “Boston Strong” slogan. I don’t know if he is a survivor of Boston Marathon bombing, or it is his way to show support for the victims of this awful tragedy that happened in his home state, or even if it means anything at all. I saw this logo on grocery bags and on souvenir mugs, so once powerful message is becoming an all-purpose logo. Would have been nice if Jason mentioned its relevance to him.

That intrigues me the most. Otherwise – they are ok, but nothing too memorable. Oh yes – Amy vaguely reminds me of Vanessa (Vanessa and Ralph, TAR 20). I guess she reminds herself of Eva Longoria, but I see Vanessa in her. So maybe in that way she is sort of memorable.

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