Our next team is Brandon Squyres and Adam Switzer – childhood friends from California.

Even before learning much about them, you can tell that they are filling the so called “hippies” niche on The Amazing Race – long hair, carefree attitude, certain degree of immaturity. Grown up men that are not quite grown up. Remember Tyler and B.J. – the winners of TAR-9? Or Andy and Tommy – professional snowboarders from TAR-19? That is the niche I am talking about.


Yet Brandon and Adam seem to be what I would call a new and improved version of that.  They appear to be not only well-traveled but also well-spoken. Balanced, hard working, with just the right amount of now fashionable “eco friendliness”.

There is hardly anything these two cannot do – construct, invent, farm, install, read blueprints, speak languages, play music, mountain bike – you name it! And that’s probably just a fraction of their combined skills. So I think this team will go quite far.

They call themselves funny, outgoing and easily excitable. I hope that it is so, because these are the qualities I love in TAR contestants. They also promise us a lot of immature jokes, a la Sacha Baron Cohen. We shall see, but it is an intriguing  beginning!


And here you can find the most up-to-date links on all things The Amazing Race:


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