Our first team (in no particular order) is Nicole (Nicky) Getz and Kim DeJesus from Michigan and Illinois respectively. Their occupation (as well as connection to each other) is listed as “baseball wives”. That’s the second casting mistake. Since when  “baseball wife” becomes an occupation? And even IF it IS indeed an occupation – how come it takes such a prominent place in defining who they are? And what’s with that qualifier “baseball” wife? – is it somehow better than regular wife or let’s say “teacher” wife?…

Several female fans of The Amazing Race told me they found such description offensive. To me – it is just terribly silly.

Nicky and Kim (TAR 23)

Nicky and Kim (TAR 23)

The major casting mistake, in my humble opinion, is getting this team on the show. Nothing against the ladies themselves – they don’t seem to be  particularly fun or memorable, but not particularly terrible either. The truth is – outside of being “baseball wives”, there is nothing much there. They are obviously recruited.

But why? Does the casting truly think that’s what the viewers want??? I hope they are not that delusional. Just check out the comments on Facebook under the picture of this team posted by The Amazing Race official page! The major question of the Facebook fans of TAR is “why?!!”, the major feeling is “so tired of recruited teams!”, the major gesture is eye rolling. Does the casting department ever read the comments? They definitely should!

As for me – the most amusing thing that I find about this team is that silly description – “baseball wives“. The rest is pretty much a big yawn.


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