The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Has Been Announced

So finally the cast of The Amazing Race 23 has been announced!

I skimmed the bios only briefly – just to get the feel about the cast as a whole and not be influenced by the individual details. Later I would try to introduce (or should I say – “dissect”?) each team on my own terms, but first I wanted to get an overall impression.

TAR 23 Cast

Well, the impression is good so far. I like the cast.

Sure, almost half of the teams fare from California (so much for geographical diversity!).

Sure there is an inevitable by now team of cheerleaders/beauty queens/models (“ice crew girls” in this case) – as blond as ever, as look-alike as ever.

Sure there is a disproportionate number of various TV personalities (be it ex sportsmen turned TV anchors, or ex actors turned producers).

I personally could live without, say, “baseball wives” (what kind of a defining characteristic it is anyway?!), but having three (!) ER physicians among the contestants is not a bad idea. I mean – in view of David’s (team David and Connor)  leg injury on TAR-22. David’s injury saga continued for several episodes! But  maybe now – who knows? what with 3 ER physicians among the cast! – all potential injuries will be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Despite all of the above “shortcomings”, it seems like a nice, balanced cast.

I wrote “nice” even though I hope they are not always nice to each other.

Much like nice women seldom make history, nice casts are seldom entertaining.

I want some bickering, backstabbing and drama! I don’t want to see the whole cast running in a single happy group and sharing all the clues, answers and directions. I want villains that I would love to hate or hate to love. I want to be entertained!

Good luck, all of you guys! You, lucky-lucky bastards! 🙂

Like Phil says – The World Is Waiting For You!

And here you can find the most up-to-date links on all things The Amazing Race:


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