It’s funny – someone noted today “it is e-x-a-c-t-l-y 4 months till Christmas!“, but all I can think of is “it’s e-x-a-c-t-l-y 5 weeks till the premiere of TAR 23!“…so yes – if you are a fan of The Amazing Race, you should mark your calendars – the premier of season 23 is on Sunday, September 29

The cast has not been revealed yet, but delicious speculations, teasers and spoilers are floating around the web…they seem somewhat contradictory, however…

I hear the cast will be great…yet I also hear the “diversity” will be as usual – a set or two of obligatory cheerleaders/beauty queens, a set or two of “hand me downs” from other reality shows…*yawn*…I hope maybe the rest of the cast manages to compensate for that…

I hope to see some unusual relationships on the show that calls itself a “show ABOUT relationships“…we saw partners, spouses, siblings, parents, friends, dating couples…we haven’t seen step-siblings or step parents with their step children…Or how about some in-laws to spice things up? 🙂

I also hope for fun challenges, for knowledge being rewarded, for more opportunities for teams to surge ahead of the group…I hope to see some charming evil, not just all kumbaya-good…I hope for more “brains” and less “brawn”…or at the very least – for an equal “playing field” (it was practically a given that the super strong, very athletically gifted professional hockey players would win in the last season; and when something is a “given” – the surprise element is gone, and the boredom element sets in)…

I hope it will be the best season ever…but then again – I always hope that, with each and every season…hope springs eternal…I guess that comes with being a fan…


And here you can find the most up-to-date links on all things The Amazing Race:



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