Meet The Cast: TEAM “AXES”

Our next team is Tim Sweeney and Marie Mazzocchi from New Jersey. They seem very athletic, determined, sharp and tough – so the word “axes” came to mind to describe these two exes.

Now I don’t know if the fact that they are exes would help them. Maybe they parted on good terms and get along just fine. On the other hand – as someone once said – “if the terms were good, people would not have parted in the first place“. So – we might see fighting, screaming and axing. Drama.  And I love drama – bring it on!  Go axes!  🙂

Tim and Marie (TAR 23)

Seriously though – I do like this team, especially Marie. It’s just the first impression, and it may change, but she seems to have certain qualities that I love to see in contestants – she is opinionated, direct, no-nonsense, not afraid to be mean if necessary or to hurt someone’s feelings. She will definitely kick some ass. And I understand she is a kickboxing instructor, so I am sure she’ll be kicking ass with flair!

I believe this team will go far in the game. And I do hope so!

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Our first team (in no particular order) is Nicole (Nicky) Getz and Kim DeJesus from Michigan and Illinois respectively. Their occupation (as well as connection to each other) is listed as “baseball wives”. That’s the second casting mistake. Since when  “baseball wife” becomes an occupation? And even IF it IS indeed an occupation – how come it takes such a prominent place in defining who they are? And what’s with that qualifier “baseball” wife? – is it somehow better than regular wife or let’s say “teacher” wife?…

Several female fans of The Amazing Race told me they found such description offensive. To me – it is just terribly silly.

Nicky and Kim (TAR 23)

Nicky and Kim (TAR 23)

The major casting mistake, in my humble opinion, is getting this team on the show. Nothing against the ladies themselves – they don’t seem to be  particularly fun or memorable, but not particularly terrible either. The truth is – outside of being “baseball wives”, there is nothing much there. They are obviously recruited.

But why? Does the casting truly think that’s what the viewers want??? I hope they are not that delusional. Just check out the comments on Facebook under the picture of this team posted by The Amazing Race official page! The major question of the Facebook fans of TAR is “why?!!”, the major feeling is “so tired of recruited teams!”, the major gesture is eye rolling. Does the casting department ever read the comments? They definitely should!

As for me – the most amusing thing that I find about this team is that silly description – “baseball wives“. The rest is pretty much a big yawn.


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The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Has Been Announced

So finally the cast of The Amazing Race 23 has been announced!

I skimmed the bios only briefly – just to get the feel about the cast as a whole and not be influenced by the individual details. Later I would try to introduce (or should I say – “dissect”?) each team on my own terms, but first I wanted to get an overall impression.

TAR 23 Cast

Well, the impression is good so far. I like the cast.

Sure, almost half of the teams fare from California (so much for geographical diversity!).

Sure there is an inevitable by now team of cheerleaders/beauty queens/models (“ice crew girls” in this case) – as blond as ever, as look-alike as ever.

Sure there is a disproportionate number of various TV personalities (be it ex sportsmen turned TV anchors, or ex actors turned producers).

I personally could live without, say, “baseball wives” (what kind of a defining characteristic it is anyway?!), but having three (!) ER physicians among the contestants is not a bad idea. I mean – in view of David’s (team David and Connor)  leg injury on TAR-22. David’s injury saga continued for several episodes! But  maybe now – who knows? what with 3 ER physicians among the cast! – all potential injuries will be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Despite all of the above “shortcomings”, it seems like a nice, balanced cast.

I wrote “nice” even though I hope they are not always nice to each other.

Much like nice women seldom make history, nice casts are seldom entertaining.

I want some bickering, backstabbing and drama! I don’t want to see the whole cast running in a single happy group and sharing all the clues, answers and directions. I want villains that I would love to hate or hate to love. I want to be entertained!

Good luck, all of you guys! You, lucky-lucky bastards! 🙂

Like Phil says – The World Is Waiting For You!

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It’s funny – someone noted today “it is e-x-a-c-t-l-y 4 months till Christmas!“, but all I can think of is “it’s e-x-a-c-t-l-y 5 weeks till the premiere of TAR 23!“…so yes – if you are a fan of The Amazing Race, you should mark your calendars – the premier of season 23 is on Sunday, September 29

The cast has not been revealed yet, but delicious speculations, teasers and spoilers are floating around the web…they seem somewhat contradictory, however…

I hear the cast will be great…yet I also hear the “diversity” will be as usual – a set or two of obligatory cheerleaders/beauty queens, a set or two of “hand me downs” from other reality shows…*yawn*…I hope maybe the rest of the cast manages to compensate for that…

I hope to see some unusual relationships on the show that calls itself a “show ABOUT relationships“…we saw partners, spouses, siblings, parents, friends, dating couples…we haven’t seen step-siblings or step parents with their step children…Or how about some in-laws to spice things up? 🙂

I also hope for fun challenges, for knowledge being rewarded, for more opportunities for teams to surge ahead of the group…I hope to see some charming evil, not just all kumbaya-good…I hope for more “brains” and less “brawn”…or at the very least – for an equal “playing field” (it was practically a given that the super strong, very athletically gifted professional hockey players would win in the last season; and when something is a “given” – the surprise element is gone, and the boredom element sets in)…

I hope it will be the best season ever…but then again – I always hope that, with each and every season…hope springs eternal…I guess that comes with being a fan…


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