U-TURNED U-TUBERS BARREL OUT OF THE RACE (Recap Of Episode 10 The Amazing Race Season 22)

This episode begins with Max and Katie checking out their prize for winning the last leg of the Race – two brand new Ford Fusions. I know many fans roll their eyes at such obvious product placement, but I don’t really mind. After all, someone has to pay for various expenses of The Amazing Race, and Ford compony is one of such sponsors. And do you know the golden rule?: who has the gold – makes the rules. Making us take another look at Ford Fusions was really a small price to pay. What was more difficult though was seeing Katie’s joyless face. Yes, she tried to fake some excitement, but joy and excitement and any positive emotion are such foreign feelings to her that it all came out rather pathetic.

Moving on. The teams have to fly to Scotland now, and they all learn that Double U-Turn is waiting for them ahead. We learn from snippets of conversations that the Boring Moms are in alliance with the You Tubers while the Honeymooners are in alliance with Kens (the Hockey Brothers) and Barbies (the singing look-alike blondes). The latter alliance is very much determined to U-Turn the former. But it looks like the Moms and the You Tubers are on a much earlier flight to Scotland. And we are treated to watching an awkwardly annoying (and probably as “for-the-camera-fake” as the rest of him) Joey’s joy dance. They are so happy that they don’t even bother to check if there are maybe even better flights to Scotland. But there is at least one, and the Honeymooners, Kens and Barbies manage to get on it.

The three leading teams arrive at the Roadblock where one member of each team has to play bagpipes with the Scottish Royal Regimen. The guys (Max and Bates are doing the Roadblock) finish relatively quickly while one of the blondes (still hard to tell them apart!) – despite making slightly double-entendre jokes – takes a long time to learn how to blow successfully. But eventually they, too, move to the Detour.

Whisky rolling

The Detour is a choice between Whisky Rolling and Pudding Tasting. In Whisky Rolling the teams have to roll 8 barrels of whisky to a designated area. The distance is not awfully long, but the barrels are very, very heavy. In Pudding Tasting teams had to make and taste Scottish pudding (called haggis). This dish is made out of sheep intestines, heart, lungs, liver and other offal. Strangely in Whisky Rolling no tasting of the product was involved. I mean – having rolled 8 huge heavy whisky barrels uphill and not having a taste from a barrel as a reward?! I would definitely NOT choose that one! As for the haggis – I never tried one, but I absolutely love French Andouillette – sausage made of the whole gastrointestinal tract of a pig, so for me personally Pudding Tasting would be a no brainer. Everybody else chooses it, too, except the Hockey Brothers – they are young strapping boys, so for them a few whisky barrels are nothing really.

The Hockey Brothers finish first and U-Turn the U-Tubers. The Honeymooners U-Turn the Boring Moms. Katie tells us that she would be glad if the You-Tubers go first, but she is also ok with the Moms going home now. I was pretty much with her on that – I just wanted the You-Tubers gone. To me – they seemed too unpleasant,too immature,too annoying and fake. I hoped maybe they would “grow on me” in time. But if anything they grew even more annoying. The moms, on the other hand, are bland and blah. They are not mean, but they are not fun. There is nothing to hate about them, but nothing to like either. They are just there, like paint on the wall. So – between annoying and boring – it’s a close call. And I knew I would be happy with either of these two teams to go. At the end it happened so that out You Tubers barreled out of the Race. Good riddance!

Making haggis
I hope that maybe the Moms would be next. Either them or sour Katie and her sidekick Max. But I have a feeling that it might be our ditzy blondes’ turn. We’ll see.

Who do YOU want to see go next? Are you glad the You Tubers are finally out? Do comment, please!

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2 thoughts on “U-TURNED U-TUBERS BARREL OUT OF THE RACE (Recap Of Episode 10 The Amazing Race Season 22)

  1. It was a matter of time before Joey and Meghan really ran out of steam, momentum and luck. Although they hit the roof on the cringe-meter, the show won’t be the same without them, because really, who else makes your eyes roll? And please don’t jinx my lovely ladies with your prophetic words. They are the counter-balance to Katie. I would love to see her getting second at the finish line. Who do I want to be the next to leave? The Hockey boys of course!

  2. Let’s be realistic – the Hockey Brothers are there to stay unless something unpredictable happens – like a delayed flight…not impossible but highly unlikely…

    I would also wish the blondes can stay longer, but again – let’s be realistic…In a way – I don’t want them to win – ignorance and ditziness should not be rewarded…but the other choices are hardly better…so – go Barbies, go!

    And yes, I get it (I am being realistic, after all) that You Tubers were there to evoke eye rolls, cringes and ‘argh!’…it’s probably better to evoke annoyance (like You Tubers) than indifference (like the Moms)…after all, annoyance is at least an emotion while indifference is just total lack of emotions…

    I just keep wondering – don’t they have enough candidates for the show to choose from? – if they end up with teams like these?…

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