LET’S VOTE! (Most Entertaining Team So Far; TAR-22)

To my huge disappointment there was no Amazing Race yesterday due to CBS and CTV’s broadcasts of the Academy of Country Music Awards. Maybe it was worth it, but not for me. I don’t mind country music, but I do mind it preempting The Amazing Race!

Anyway, to make the time fly faster until next Sunday, let’s turn to voting. We only have 6 teams left –  let’s see which of them is the most fun and entertaining to watch.


From talking to many fans, reading TAR related blogs and forums, I can tell that the least-likable team seems to be either the Honeymooners (Max and Katie) or the You Tubers (Joey and Meghan). The most likable team seems to be either the Hillbillies (Chuck and Wynona) or the Hockey Brothers (Bates and Anthony).

But “likable” and “entertaining” are not always synonymous. Remember this season’s David and Connor? – Likable people, no doubt, but “please-shoot-me” boring! Or take the ex-Survivor player Boston Rob (and his bride) – not very likable at all (especially if you remember how he drove past the car accident of his fellow racers without even slowing down to see if they were alive or not). But entertaining to watch nevertheless.

Paraphrasing a famous quote about well-behaved women seldom making history, I must say that likable teams are seldom entertaining to watch on the Amazing Race. Not that it’s impossible – remember the Globetrotters? – both likable AND entertaining. But it’s rare.

To me – the most entertaining team of the remaining 6 teams is Team Honeymooners (Max and Katie). Chuck and Wynona would be runner-ups (mostly because of Chuck; Wynona is not much fun).

What about you – which of the remaining teams are the most entertaining for you to watch on the Race?

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6 thoughts on “LET’S VOTE! (Most Entertaining Team So Far; TAR-22)

  1. So, as of right now (10th of April, 2013 around 8 pm Eastern time) there are 50 votes total in this little poll. I am surprised to see so many votes (I don’t think any of my previous polls generated so many votes in such a short time), so I assume people do feel quite strongly about TAR teams being fun and entertaining.

    What I am also surprised about is that the majority of votes (11 votes or 22%) were cast not for any particular team but for this statement “they are all boring”. Maybe it’s not the best cast ever, but still.

    I am not surprised to see Max and Katie at the top of “the most entertaining” (9 votes or 18%). Likable they might not be, but entertaining they are – I agree.

    I am not even surprised to see You Tubers (Joey and Meghan) rated relatively high (8 votes or 16%). They possess very little wittiness or real sense of humor – instead they are loud, immature and obnoxious. But I realize that to some it might seem entertaining. So – although I do not like them personally, I at least get it.

    What I do not get is how the Hockey Brothers (Anthony and Bates) got such high scores in the “entertaining” department – also 8 votes or 16 %. I mean – they seem nice and athletic, but what is exactly entertaining about them?! I try to remember, and there are only 2 things that come to mind – absence of teeth in one of the brothers and an awkward attempt at flaunting his naked torso by another brother (or was it the same brother?).

    Nothing else comes to mind. If that qualifies as “entertaining” – oh, well. But I am inclined to think that maybe some fans of them voted several times in a row – to boost the number of votes.

    I am not closing this poll, but in the future I will make sure that “one IP address” = “only one vote”.

    The rest of the results are not unexpected. The least entertaining team is of course the derby moms (Mona and Beth). Would be disappointing if they win, no?

  2. Seriously people – please enlighten me!

    Would anyone who votes for Bates and Anthony to be the most entertaining team for them care to explain WHY they find them entertaining? I am at a loss here. Yes, they are nice…yes, they are athletic…but what exactly is FUN about them???

    it’s more than 70 votes now, and even though “they are all boring” is still at the top of the list, I am perplexed that Anthony and Bates are rated high.

    So – if you are not voting because you are a hockey fan – please explain what you find so entertaining about the hockey brothers?
    Otherwise I will assume that you are just one or two fans who come back to vote repeatedly (and – as I said – he next polls will not allow multiple voting).

  3. Bates and Anthony have that ‘devil-may-care’ feel about them, the kind of buzz that most successful professional/serious sports people have. They can lose 10-0 to their most bitter rivals but yet get on with their lives as if nothing happened.

    And, Amazing Race is a competitive environment. So, a perfect fit!

    • I don’t see any “devil may care” , I only see that they are two big strong professional athletes among regular folks…no wonder they keep winning…but it’s boring to see this mismatch and their predictable wins…

  4. By the way, I’m shedding a lot of tears for my “teddy bear” team, alias, Chuck and Wynona. I’d loved to see the underdog triumph. Alas, it was not meant to be.

  5. I know, especially since it was between them and annoying You Tubers…I soooooo hoped it would be You Tubers going home…Alas!…but – as much as I loved Chuck’s attitude, Wynona was such a drag on him…it’s not even because of age or because she was out of shape, but her attitude really sucked…so, oh well…

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