The opening of the Episode 2 is a visual delight – we are treated to gorgeous shots of Bora-Bora with its turquoise water and spectacular beaches. I bet even racing there would feel like a great vacation! And in true vacation spirit our teams now must go by water taxi to a resort nestled in a charming picturesque cove –Hilton Bora-Bora.

The only thing that spoils this Polynesian idyll is the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Second Express Pass. See, John (of  John and Jessica team) is in no hurry to part with it because he greatly enjoys when people are sucking up to him in hopes to obtain the said Pass. So John wants to prolong that pleasure for as long as possible.

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate sucking up to someone and hate being sucked up to. There is something very demeaning about it. I also begin to hate this whole Second Express Pass twist – watching someone’s race depend on someone else’s whim is not as much fun as watching the race depend on one’s resourcefulness, great attitude and even luck. So – “nay!” from me to the Second Express Pass twist.

Diving for oysters

After being blessed by a local priest at the Hilton resort (aren’t they all blessed already to even be in this paradise?!), the teams have to choose between 2 tasks of the Detour: “Pick a Pearl” or “Take a Trunk”.

“Pick a Pearl” involves multiple free dives to retrieve ribbons of oysters and shucking the oysters to search for ones containing red pearls inside. Once you got 2 red pearls – you can get your next clue. “Take a Trunk” involves putting on a scuba-like gear and being transported to the ocean floor.  Once there, the teams should open one of the trunks on the bottom and – using the supplies inside – assemble a picnic table under water.

Only Team “Roll-A-Derby” (Mona and Beth) choose “Take a Trunk”; everybody else goes for diving. Team “Survivors” (David and Connor) are in the lead, but they forgot their snorkels on the beach, so they decide to return. I don’t know why they didn’t choose to dive without snorkels – sure, it would have been less comfortable, but at least they wouldn’t have wasted time. However, in the long run their little forgetfulness didn’t slow them down too much.

Take A Trunk Detour

Team “You-Tube” (Joey and Meghan) – as annoying as they are – managed to come up with great strategy: one was diving to retrieve the ribbons of oysters while the other one was shucking them on the boat. The strategy paid off and they finished the Detour first. The rest of the pack was pretty much neck-in-neck, except Team “C-Section” (twins Idries and Jamil).

Apparently our twins are deathly afraid of diving and seriously discussing taking a 6-hour penalty instead. Seriously, guys?! Why did you choose this Detour then, why didn’t you go to set a picnic table while comfortably breathing through some scuba contraption?! Oh, please – no more penalties this season!

Speaking of penalties – the two remaining teams that chose penalties last time – Team “Barbies” (Jen and Caroline) and Team “Honeymooners” (Max and Katie) – now got their 4-hour penalty reduced to 1.5 hours. This happened because the teams that departed earlier had to wait for several hours for the beginning of working hours for water taxis. Now, I don’t terribly mind when The Amazing Race production “equalizes” the teams now and then, but I do mind very much that the teams that skipped the Roadblock in lieu of 4-hour penalty ended up  with only 1.5 hour penalty! It is very unfair to the teams that completed the Roadblock and, frankly, very unfair to the viewers!

Anyway, the “Honeymooners” and the “Barbies” agree to work together to keep an eye on each other. Max tells us that his “diabolical” mind devised this plan. Pleeease, Max – you sound pathetic rather than diabolical! Besides, no really “diabolical” mind keeps going around prattling non-stop how “diabolical” it is. Actions speak louder than words. And so far you and your bride are coming across as losers that couldn’t even finish a Roadblock – not some evil masterminds.

While the “Barbies” and the “Honeymooners” get their blessings from the priest and run together to complete the “Take a Trunk” Detour, our doctor twins are finally mastering the courage to get into the water. But! I couldn’t believe my eyes – they are not picking ribbons of oysters like everyone else did, they are picking individual oysters, one at a time! At this rate, guys, you will still be searching for 2 red pearls by the time the next season of The Amazing Race comes to this part of the world! To their credit, they quickly realize this and switch to the other Detour. Only why in the world didn’t they do it from the beginning? – It baffles me completely.

Meanwhile, the front-runners hop into jet skies and – with maps in hand – navigate their way to the Roadblock. All except Team “Quadruple Boredom” (Pam and Winnie, who no longer fit the nickname “Double Trouble-Double Fun” because even though they seem to be in trouble, they are definitely not fun). Team “Quadruple Boredom” are currently lost at sea.

Stilts Roadblock

The Roadblock  is to hop on stilts along the beach while simultaneously propelling a coconut to the “finish line”. Most teams finish it within minutes from each other, so – there is not much drama there. Team “Hockey-Pokey” (brothers Anthony and Bates) are the first to the Pit Stop,  followed by Team “Survivors” (father and son David and Connor). The father, however,  seemed to have injured his leg. He is still in the Race, but I wonder how serious it might be.

Team “You-Tube” comes next, then Team “Hillbillies”. Chuck seems ecstatic with his 5th place and gives his wife a tender kiss. I’ve noticed he is generally very good to her – tender, and helpful, and loving. How sweet.

Between the Roadblock and the Pit Stop we are “treated” to Meghan’s (Team “You-Tube”) annoying shrills; we also are shown the process of false teeth removal by one of the hockey brothers.

A note to The Amazing Race production: this is supposed to be a family show, so please don’t scare little kids with those false teeth! And while we are at it – please, be mindful of the viewers who would like to watch the show while eating – such “visuals” can call for antiemetics!

A note to Team “Hockey-Pokey” (Anthony and Bates): if you guys happen to win that million dollars, may I suggest investing in permanent teeth implants?

The rest of the episode is uneventful – the “Barbies” arrived to the Pit Stop next, then self-proclaimed evil masterminds , the “Honeymooners”. Then “Quadruple Boredom” (Pam and Winnie). Team “C-Section” (Idries and Jamil) are the last to arrive and the second team to be eliminated from the show.

The twins keep parroting standard clichés about not giving up but giving their best, about teaching their kids something, and on, and on, and on. If you want to teach your kids something, guys, – how about teaching them to swim? Or at least – how to prepare for the tasks they would like to undertake?

I had such high hopes for you, Idries and Jamil! You were one of my favourites, but you know – I am not very sorry to see you go.

Idries and Jamil at the Pitstop

I get it that you grew up in a single parent household, in an inner city where swimming lessons were hard to come by. But once you learned that you would be on The Amazing Race (not to mention – once you decided to apply) – why didn’t you try to work on minimizing your weakness? And once on The Race – why couldn’t you exercise a better judgement about your weakness and choose an easier task for your abilities?

So, too bad but you probably deserve what you got.

What about you, guys? Do you feel the twins deserved their fate?

Do you think it’s unfair that a 4-hour penalty was miraculously dwindled to 1.5 hours with no effort whatsoever from the penalized teams?

Does toothless mouth of a hockey player gross you out?

Will Dave be able to race or his injury is way too serious?

Who do you want to see the next to go?

Do comment and have a great day.

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3 thoughts on “LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS, LACK OF SWIMMING SKILLS SINKS THE TWINS (Recap Of Episode 2 The Amazing Race Season 22)

  1. Glad the twinnies are gone. Two things disqualify you from the Amazing Race – not being able to drive stick and not being able to swim. They should have known.

    • I agree, Chester. There are a lot of things you cannot predict on TAR, but it’s almost guaranteed that there will be a swimming challenge (stick shifts are guaranteed, too). The twins have only themselves to blame – not other teams, not bad luck, only themselves.

  2. I was soooo disappointed in Idries and Jamil. I had such high hopes for them as well. But my disappointment started with the first episode where they seemed to get frustrated so easily with the sand castles…they seemed to whine and complain quite a lot. I would think two healthy, fit individuals would just suck it up and do the challenge without the complaints and whines. When they finished that leg, I thought- hey, maybe they had a rough start and their attitued got the best of them. But that didn’t seem to be the case. I was even more disappointed in this episode…I couldn’t believe that they didn’t KNOW HOW TO SWIM! How could they not have realized that it would be so so likely that they would have to be in the water at least one of the challenges…and then they eventually did get in the water to search the oysters ….why not complain and whine less…and just get into the water from the get go…it would’ve saved them so much time…and more importantly it would have given them a chance at winning. Instead they wasted time contemplating- letting their fears get the best of them. You’d think the excitment and adrenaline rush would have pushed those fears to the side. Guess they’re not cut out for this. No regrets about them being sent home.

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