LET’S VOTE! (Predictions for Episode 2 of The Amazing Race Season 22)

VOTESo…It’s only Friday – 2 more days until Episode 2 of The Amazing Race22 will be on the air. To make the time fly faster, let’s do a little poll here. And since 2 polls are better than 1, let’s do 2 polls here:

1. Which team you predict will be eliminated next

2. Which team you would like  to see eliminated next

There is a difference there. Things not always happen the way we like. But we can hope, can’t we?

Anyway, as for me,  I think that Team Barbies (Caroline and Jen) will go next ( (such a devastation for the budding romance between them and the hockey players!)

As for whom I would like to see going next, at least at this point – probably Team You-Tube (Joey and Meghan):  their ADHD personalities annoy me.

But you might see everything in a different light.

DO vote – early and often! (kidding about the “often” part!)

1. Which team you think will be eliminated next?:

2. Which team do you want to see eliminated next?

And as always you can find the most up-to-date links for all things related to The Amazing Race here: http://www.sirlinksalot.net/amazingrace.html


6 thoughts on “LET’S VOTE! (Predictions for Episode 2 of The Amazing Race Season 22)

  1. the hockey brothers will win this.. hmmmmm even in frinzee, they are top, maybe most people think that they’ll win.. but its too early to predict. still many thing can happen

  2. Yes, Jem, the hockey brothers seem like a strong team. Nice, too. Good, nice, strong, but what about being fun and e-n-t-e-r-t-a-i-n-i-n-g? That they are not. Unless you consider the removal of false teeth entertaining. But maybe it’s too early to tell. We shall see.

  3. Their 2nd place, Jem, means that the majority of voters want to see them GONE from the show, right next to the first place team Katie and Max. The higher the place = the more voters want to see the team gone.
    I also don’t think they can win, but time will tell.

    • I disagree, P. Cortez – sorry…I think David and Connor are nice, but “nice” is not the same as “fun” and “entertaining”. To like someone and to like to watch someone is not the same. I would probably like them as people in real life, but I do not like to watch them – they are boring. Even David’s injury that brought some uncertainty, apprehension and emotions in the beginning is too stale now (ditto for constant repetition of how they survived cancer – touching in the beginning, but too much when repeated over and over again). Maybe it’s not David and Connor’s fault, maybe it’s the production/editing that is “over milking” the cancer history and the current injury, but the effect is very off-putting. Remove these extras (injury and cancer history) and the team is quite bland and hardly noticeable. No regrets whatsoever that it is finally gone. At least not from me. I love me some fun and entertainment 🙂

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