Meet The Cast: TEAM “HONEYMOONERS” (Max and Katie)

Team Honeymooners

Katie and Max

And last, but not least – please meet Max and Katie Bichler – newlyweds from Buffalo, N.Y.

I am quite intrigued by this team. Spending honeymoon on the (all expenses paid) Race – are they cheap or adventurous? Or is it their way to postpone the mundane part of the marital bliss that inevitably comes after the wedding?

In their video Max and Katie say that they will be an evil team. I swear in an earlier version of the video I saw Max brandishing a big fat cigar – no doubt to reinforce the “evil” image. The cigar has been edited out since (I guess cigars are not PG 13 anymore!), so the only clue to their evilness that we are left with is Katie’s “pageant-queen-ish” golden locks with a big girly flower in them. Very subtle, I must say!

But evil or not – I think they might be fun to watch on the Race. And other teams might like them – newlyweds always evoke warm fuzzy feelings. Besides, Katie is a pharmacist – so who knows? She might bring along a “goodie bag” – free Prozac for all! Then our Race will turn into one happy merry-go-round. If I were her though, I would consider  Ambien instead. This way – while the other teams are dozing off – our newlyweds can leisurely walk to the pit stop.

Anyway – good luck! The world is waiting for you!

You can watch their video here:


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