Meet The Cast: TEAM “YOU TUBE” (Joey and Meghan)

Team You Tube

TAR 22 Team U-Tube

Our next team is Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena from Los Angeles, CA. Joey and Meghan are friends and YouTube hosts.

Ah, YouTube – here we go again! Just a few seasons ago (TAR 17) there was another YouTube “celebrity” on The Amazing Race – one Kevin Wu (along with his father Michael Wu). Kevin’s claims to “fame” was making “comedy” videos, and if you happened to watch some of them then you probably know that “comedy” mainly consisted of juvenile mocking and otherwise making fun of his father. There was nothing woo-hoo about team Wu on the Race. For a purported internet comedian Kevin was pretty bland if not outright boring (unless you consider Kevin’s constant belittling of his elderly dad funny).

I pretty much have the same feeling about Joey and Meghan. I don’t find their YouTube videos entertaining, and their exaggerated chirpiness in the video interview is very annoying. By the end of the video I had more than enough of  her smiles and his peculiar mannerism, and everything in me just wanted to scream: “go away! back to YourTube!”

There are people who kind of grow on you eventually, but with these two it seems to be  just the opposite. And what’s with “moving to LA” being their biggest accomplishment? Puleeze!

Anyway, you can tell that so far I am not a fan. We shall see if they manage to change that.

Good luck! The world is waiting for you!

You can watch their video here:


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