Meet The Cast: TEAM “SURVIVORS” (David and Connor)

Team Survivors

TAR 22 Team Father and Son

Our next team is David O’Leary and Connor O’Leary – father and son from Salt Lake City, Utah.

My nickname for this team refers to the fact that they both are cancer survivors and  not  yet another hand-me-down team from “Survivor” the show. Although one of the “Survivor” hand-me-downs was actually a cancer survivor, too (Ethan Zohn, TAR 19).

I know it might be touching and inspiring to see cancer survivors on the Race. I can see how The Amazing Race production wants to send a positive message, provide a good example and all that. But to me – this by itself is not sufficient to become a chosen team. And with David and Connor I unfortunately can’t see anything that would make them stand out beyond that.

Sure, they are likable enough, and they seem close and devoted to each other. And if there is a bicycle challenge along the way, they will definitely ace it (since both are avid cyclists, and the son is even a professional one).

But other than that – not much. And somehow I don’t see them going far in the Race either. We shall see.

Anyway – good luck! The world is waiting for you!

You can watch their video here:


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