Meet The Cast: TEAM “C-SECTION” (Jamil and Idries)

Team C-section

TAR 22 - Team Cross-Section

Please meet our next team – Jamil Abdur-Rahman and Idries Abdur-Rahman from Chicago. Jamil and Idries are twin brothers and OB/GYN physicians.

And no, my nickname for this team has nothing to do with their OB/GYN specialty – it refers to their statement about representing multiple “cross-sections” of America. They think they might appeal to twins, African-Americans, Muslims, physicians – because they are all of the above.  And even though I am none of the above – they do appeal to me. A lot!

In fact, Jamil and Idries are one of my top three teams this season. Their bio was interesting to read, and their video was amusing. They sound realistic about their strengths and weaknesses, they seem to have slightly self-deprecating sense of humor, and they appear to be very much in sync with each other. Add to this lots of charisma and joyful enthusiasm – and you have a winning combination. Winning our hearts, that is. But – who knows? – maybe winning the race, too.

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to seeing these two in action!

Good luck! The world is waiting for you!

You can watch their video here:


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