Meet The Cast: TEAM “ROLL A DERBY” (Mona and Beth)

Team “Roll a Derby”

TAR 22 Team Moms-and-other-things

Please meet our next team – Mona Egender from Castle Pines, Colorado and Beth Bandimere from Arvada, Colorado. Mona and Beth are friends and “roller derby moms”.

Casting “moms” on the Race is far from a novel idea. There were “bowling moms” Linda and Karen on TAR 5, “attorney moms” Monique and Shawne on TAR 16 – just to name a few. Now we have “roller derby moms”. I don’t recall seeing a “pops” team on The Amazing Race yet, but hey – someone has to take care of the kids while “moms” are racing!

I am ambivalent about this team. I don’t dislike them, but nothing about Mona and Beth managed to pique my curiosity. Except perhaps one thing: what in the world is roller derby?

Color me ignorant (or color this sport obscure – your choice!), but I had to consult Wikipedia on that one, and I found a few interesting tidbits there. Did you know, for example, that roller derby tournaments are often given creative names – full of intended pun, double-entendre and funny allusions?  Or that players like to wear creative costumes (think fishnets and tutus) and use creative pseudonyms based on word play -like the name “O Hell No Kitty” in allusion to “Hello Kitty”? My nickname for this team, by the way, is a very modest attempt at that kind of creativity.

From what I’ve read so far – this whole roller derby  culture sounds like fun. Alas, I can’t detect any of that fun in our team here. They keep saying all the expected, predictable things – how diverse, competitive and tough they are, how they had psychology training this and endurance that. Nothing to make you laugh (let alone – raise an eyebrow “a la Phil”). But let’s hope they are saving all that for the race.

Anyway – good luck! The world is waiting for you!


You can watch their video here:


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