Meet The Cast: TEAM “HILLBILLIES” (Chuck and Wynona)

Team Hillbillies

Please meet team “Hillbillies” – Chuck and Wynona McCall, a married couple from Daphne, Ala.

TAR 22 Team Hillbillies

Now, I am using this nickname in an affectionate (not derogatory) way because – you know what? – I absolutely love this team! (Hats off to the casting department).

I couldn’t help but smile throughout their video. Take Chuck, for example. The childlike joy in his eyes and the excitement in his voice when he is talking about the Race – that is just sooo infectious! And that adorable mullet showcasing his wife’s hairstyling skills! (Never until now I could imagine that “mullet” and “adorable” can belong together!)

And it’s refreshing to see that this team doesn’t have a long list of various annoying over-achievements! Well…twenty dead animals on the walls of Chuck’s house might qualify as one. But on the other hand he did not say what kind of animals they were. For what we know they might be the contents of a mousetrap, or they might be the corpses of his dear departed pet hamsters. Anyway, I wouldn’t count  his peculiar taste in interior design as an over-achievement.

And take Wynona. She might seem to be a lady of few words, but only on the surface. I am sure she has a few magic tricks up her sleeve – after all, she says she can turn rag dolls into Barbie dolls! On the second thought – no more Barbies, please. At least not on The Amazing Race (save them for “Miss something or other”).

Anyway, I am excited to see this team on the Race. I don’t think they will go too far, but I very much hope that they do.

Good luck! The world is waiting for you!

You can watch their video here:


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