Meet The Cast: TEAM “HOCKEY-POKEY” (Anthony and Bates)

Team Hockey-Pokey

TAR 22 Team Hockey-Pokey

Our next team is Anthony Battaglia and Bates Battaglia – brothers and professional hockey players from Raleigh, N. C.

One of them is a former player, to be exact. But no matter – they are this season’s token second-tier celebrities/athletes. I rarely find recruited “celebrity” teams highly entertaining (with the exception of the GlobetrottersFlight Time and Big Easy from TAR 15 and TAR 18), and I don’t see anything in this team that would change my low expectations. Neither in their bio nor in their video interview.

In fact, I was peacefully napping through their yawn-inducing video until one of them suddenly opened his mouth really wide, took his false teeth out and showed them to the camera. So from now on – Goodbye, peaceful napping! Hello nightmares!  Maybe he thought it was entertaining, but it was just gross.

Anyway, maybe some die-hard hockey fans would find this team mildly interesting (although I bet they prefer watching hockey players play hockey, not play The Amazing Race). As for me – I find them quite blah – not much spark, or enthusiasm, or excitement. Maybe they will prove me wrong. Or maybe not.

Anyway – good luck! The world is waiting for you!

You can watch their video here:


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