Meet The Cast: TEAM “BARBIES” (Caroline and Jennifer)

Team Barbies

Caroline and Jennifer (Team "Barbies")

Somewhat jet-legged and overdosed on butter and croissants, I am back from France and ready to resume my introduction of The Amazing Race Season 22 cast.

Please meet Team “Barbies” – Caroline Cutbirth from Austin, TX and Jennifer Kuhle from Nashville, Tenn. They are singers/band mates and friends.

This season team “Barbies” is chosen to fill the requisite “pretty blondes” niche on The Amazing Race. Once in a while the casting department substitutes “bitchy redheads” for this slot (remember those perpetually unhappy cheerleaders Jamie and Cara from TAR 14 and 18?), but they invariably return to blondes – blondes seem sweeter; besides, don’t gentlemen prefer blondes? And, after all, we need to lure the gentlemen audience away from their sports TV channels, so here we go.

Caroline and Jennifer are pretty indeed and so look-alike that they could pass for identical twins. Not to confuse the audience, however, one wears her hair straight, and another wears it curly. Very considerate of them!

Despite the superficial similarities, they say they are different. One likes dangerous things, another does not. That’s different enough. They also say they resemble different celebrities – one describes her teammate as “Jennifer Aniston meets Kelly Ripa”, another thinks her friend is like “Kim Kardashian”.  Argh!  Please spare us all these celebrities – isn’t The Amazing Race supposed to be an escape from all that?

But no such luck – the “celebrity” angle continues: apparently one happens to be a granddaughter of John Wayne while another is a “direct descendant” of Daniel Boone. So? What does it have to do with The Amazing Race? And of those who can tell you (without any help from Google and Wikipedia) who Daniel Boone is – how many really care?

Caroline and Jennifer also proclaim that they are “not quitters, not victims”. “Not quitters” – although such a cliché – is at least somewhat pertinent to The Amazing Race. But what’s with “not victims”? What does that have to do with the Race?!

“Not victims”, I am afraid, might become them on The Amazing Race. Victims of early elimination, that is. But we shall see.

Anyway – good luck! The world is waiting for you!


You can watch their video here:


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