Meet The Cast: “TEAM PERFECT (HAIR AND ALL)” – aka John and Jessica

Team Perfect (Hair and All)

Our next team (in no special order) of The Amazing Race Season 22 is John Erck and Jessica Hoel from Huntington Beach, CA – a dating couple.

TAR 22 - Team Too Perfect

Well, obviously, the casting department was trying to kill two birds with one stone here – on one hand, they got a token “dating couple” for this season; on the other hand – they managed to successfully clone TAR-15 winners Meghan and Cheyne. And I bet that John’s sculpted coiffure “a la Cheyne” will stay pristine and intact through all the challenges of the race (I also bet that at least half of his backpack is filled with hair products)!

Although the question is – why do we need a clone of Meghan and Cheyne, a winning team that wasn’t really fun and exciting? Yes, just like them, John and Jessica seem to be a perfect couple (overachievers even) – risk-takers, surfers, scuba-divers, rock-climbers, marathon-runners, multiple-language-speakers, sky-divers…I probably missed a dozen other skills here. You name it – they’ve got it or done it. Even their friends say they are “perfect” for the Race.

The key word is “perfect” here.  Because perfection is boring, b-o-r-i-n-g! Yes, sure – they’ll be good in challenges, they’ll predictably win a leg or a few, or maybe even the final, most important leg. But I don’t sense any fun or excitement there nor do I expect to be much entertained by this team – it’s imperfection that is entertaining, after all (or rather – when imperfection is struggling for perfection).

But wait! One of John’s hobbies is quite exciting – it is… coffee! And speaking of coffee – it takes place # 1 among “3 words to describe you”. Maybe I am missing something after all. With all that caffeine flowing around, he might turn into the Energizer Bunny! Now that might be entertaining. Or not. Well, we shall see.

My prediction is that this team will go far, but I still hope to be surprised (I don’t like overachievers, maybe because I am not one of them).

Anyway – good luck!   The world is waiting for you!

See the interview with John and Jessica here:


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