Meet The Cast: TEAM “AW-SHUCKS” (Matthew and Daniel)

Team Aw-Shucks

TAR 22 Team Aw-shucks

Our first team of the Amazing Race Season 22 cast is Matthew Davis and Daniel Mossfriends and firefighters from Gaffney, S.C.

Well, looks like the casting department did their best to fill a certain “niche” I would call “Aw-Shucks”. If you’ve been watching The Amazing Race for a while now, I am sure you know the type – strong, quick, fit, but seemingly unsophisticated small town contestants with either charming or annoying (depending on how you look at it), self-effacing “aw-shucks” air about them. An example from a different season would be the “Cowboys” team (Jet and Cord McCoys from seasons 16 and 18).

I like young Daniel though. Ok, I wrote it too soon! – before I read what Matthew’s pet peeve about Daniel is – apparently Daniel “picks his nose in public a lot”. Would it be “aw-shucks!” or “Ew!”? – You decide.

Seriously though – it’s nice to see how Daniel’s eyes shine with sheer excitement at the prospect of the race, and I like that his answer to the question “what do you hope to accomplish by running the Race other than winning one million bucks?” is:  “to see the world”.  Not ” to show the world that___ (fill in the blank)”, not “to prove to the world that____ (fill in the blank)”, but simply “see the world”.  Aw-shucks, good for you, young Daniel!

Daniel’s partner Matthew, however, shows from the start that reading the clues might pose an insurmountable problem for him.  Answering the same question about things he plans to accomplish “other than winning one million bucks” he is totally oblivious to “other”:  “I obviously hope to win the million dollars. It could make a huge difference in our lives”. Well, buddy, based on your attention paying skills, I don’t think you will be the one.

My current prediction is that this team will not go very far, but I hope to be surprised. And overall they seem to be a likable team.

So – good luck!

And – as Phil Keoghan usually says at the beginning of the Race – The World Is Waiting for You!

See the interview with Matthew and Daniel here:


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