Amazing things you can make from January blues…

Ah, January! It comes with cold gloomy days, post-holiday hangovers, unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and January blues. Even my generally happy and sunny self – deprived of warmth and sunlight – succumbs to January blues: yet another year is gone, and I am not getting younger (nor thinner), and my life seems to be so predictable, and the new season of my beloved TV show TAR (The Amazing Race) will not start until February 17!

They say you should promptly make lemonade as soon as life hands you a bunch of lemons. What should I make then of these January blues? Some Blue Curacao-based martini perhaps? Blue Lagoon sounds delicious! Or maybe something else equally amazing. Hmm…a-m-a-z-i-n-g, like in “Amazing Race”…Eureka! – I’ve found what to do with January blues!

Seriously though – my real “Eureka!” moment came in a used book store where on a bleak January day I happened to spot a ray of light in the form of Phil Keoghan’s smiling face on a book cover! (For those ignorant few who don’t know – Phil Keoghan is TAR’s inimitable host). The book in question happened to be “NOW – No Opportunity Wasted” written by Phil himself! And sure enough it happened to be my purchase of the day. I am not into self-help books, but I found “NOW” upbeat and inspirational.

Phil Keoghan's book

Even more than that – I found this book to be a “sign from above”: maybe, after all, I should try to do something exciting, something amazing, something I didn’t dare dream about while subconsciously still wanting it and hoping for it – maybe I should apply to be a contestant on The Amazing Race! Not just passively wait for the next season to start and curl with some (unhealthy and high-caloric) snacks in front of the TV, but actually try to get to live this dream.

At first the very notion scared me, but then I thought – why not?  I would make a great contestant –I have all the right ingredients in all the right proportions (if you were to make a martini from them – it would be a killer one!). I can be entertaining and fun, too (and modest of course!). I hate to admit it, but I somewhat remind myself of Mallory Ervin (Gary and Mallory team, TAR 17 and 18) – same exuberance, and joy of life, and getting excited by the unknown ahead (minus the annoying part of her).

And – call me a masochist if you will – but I enjoy the feeling of being a fish out of water. And isn’t it what the race around the world would make you feel like?

So – it’s decided! I will need to get more fit and get a good partner, of course, which is not a small matter. It might take some time, so it won’t exactly be a race to the race, but rather a walk to the race. But! The first step – the decision – is made. Meanwhile, until I get everything in order, I’ll be blogging here about the upcoming season of TAR and enjoying vicariously what these lucky eleven teams get to enjoy in real life.

Stay tuned.


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